Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


1. What is the target group?

This virtual program is for quantum-learners of all ages, genders and nationalities from all over the world!
Most participants will be undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from STEM+E.

2. What are the prerequisites to enroll?

Basic python programming skills, basic linear algebra (vectors, matrices) and high-school physics.

3. Can I enroll if I had already participated in Womanium Quantum last year?

Yes! Womanium Quantum 2023 has a lot of new content, speakers, topics, and new areas in Quantum Computing, Sensing, Applications, Quantum LaunchPad and more.

4. Is enrollment free?

There are three enrollment categories:

A: Womanium Global Quantum Scholar
❯ Free

You must apply to be a Womanium Global Quantum Scholar and commit to active and full participation from beginning-to-end of the program, fully participate and complete the Womanium Global Quantum Project and submit a short evaluation at the end of each session.
Applications will be open for those who enroll in the program in June.
Note that Womanium Scholarships are primarily for young female students in STEM between the ages of 15-25. We extend the scholarships to older candidates on a case-by-case basis.

B: Student
❯ $ 25 USD

This Womanium Global Quantum Student rate is for undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who don’t apply for a Womanium Quantum Computing Scholarship (A)

C: Executives & Professionals
❯ $ 900 USD

For Industry Professionals and Executives.
You will get an Invoice/Bill upon Payment which you can submit to your employer for reimbursement.

Choosing your category will be made available for those who enroll in the program.
Apply only once. Do not submit multiple applications. The submitted information will be used to evaluate your application, and you will not be able to edit it again. Hence, ensure that you fill everything properly with Accurate and Correct Details.
NOTE ❯ If you submit the forms again: you will be charged the FULL FEE!

5. Are men allowed? (Are only women allowed?)

Womanium programs are open to each and all! Everyone is allowed and encouraged to apply and learn, including men.
All Womanium programs are equally open to all on the basis of interest and merit.
A higher proportion of all Womanium Scholarships are geared towards young women in STEM between 15-25 years of age, as Womanium aims to advance cutting edge STEM+Entrepreneurship domains with an added focus to encourage and enable young girls and women to enter cutting edge STEM domains and become leaders in STEM+Entrepreneurship. (Hence, the name!)

6. I applied. What is next?

Great! Enrolling is the first step. Apply only once. Do not submit multiple applications.
After you apply, our team carefully evaluates the applications, identifies the recommended category, calculates and allocates scholarships, and sends the details to complete the application and obtain a Unique ID.
After that, you will get the details to access the platforms before the program starts. Mark "" as a safe sender in your email.


1. What time zone is the program in?

10:30am – 1:30pm US Eastern Daylight Time Zone
Find your corresponding local time ❯ HERE
Find the full Schedule ❯ SCHEDULE

2. Will there be recordings? Is live participation mandatory?

Yes. There will be recordings of the sessions, if you cannot join live sessions due to time zones. You will be able to watch the recordings, ask questions, collaborate with others and do the work online via our platforms.
Some sessions might not be uploaded if the partner company, organisation or lab has not given permission to upload certain parts or lab tour segments.
Hence, we strongly encourage you to attend the live sessions and participate actively in the Q&A. It is more interactive and also more fun!

3. How much time do I need? Will there be homework?

A: Quantum Training ❯ July 0228

Your daily Quantum Bit of ~3h consists of talks, lab tours and programming tutorials (Mon-Sat).
Additionally, there are weekly quizzes and optional additional programming exercises.

B: Quantum Launch-Pad ❯ July 28+

The time requirements will be stipulated by the Quantum companies and the Quantum Industry projects! Only for selected participants.

4. Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. Certificates in Quantum Computing, Quantum Sensing, and others will be provided to all the successful participants – those who have successfully completed the weekly quizzes with a passing score and met the requirements.

5. Can I ask questions outside of the program hours?

Yes! Discuss your quantum questions with mentors during virtual office hours and on the Discord server.

6. What equipment do I need?

Computer. Internet. Interest!


The goals of the projects are to learn, promote, advance and showcase the topics, developments and opportunities in Quantum fields, and to encourage, train and advance STEM for more young people, especially young women, by training them.

1. Global Quantum Education & Training Project

You have to select and train at least 5 young people in Quantum topics, and share their work and progress.
Share and showcase their progress so as to encourage more people, especially women and girls, to learn STEM and advance STEM globally.
You can also train older people as long they share and train other people.

2. Global Quantum Chapters Project

Set up a Womanium Quantum Chapter in your school, university, organisation, company, city or town.
Set up the Quantum Chapters/Clubs and showcase their progress so as to encourage more women and girls to learn STEM and advance STEM globally.

3. Online Quantum Media Project

Set up a Womanium Quantum online media. It can be a blog, website, Medium page, or on any major online media. It has to be public.
Share your Quantum journey and training there by writing articles, curating contents, and showcasing the progress of the above projects.
Set up the Online Quantum Media Project and showcase the progress so as to encourage more women and girls to learn STEM and advance STEM globally.

4. Global Quantum Poster Project

Make high quality posters in Quantum topics from each week's sessions, and showcase them.

5. Global Quantum Open Project

Do you have your idea for a new project? You can suggest and collaborate on that on our Discord channels. Get it approved and create your open project that will meet the above objectives.


Womanium’s Global Quantum Solutions Launchpad offers an opportunity for selected top participants to work on real-world industry projects as part of a 2-6 months paid fellowship. More information will be shared during the Womanium Quantum Program. Questions/details will be shared via our dedicated Discord channels.


1. Mentors

We look forward to welcoming more technical mentors, hackathon coaches, career mentors and role models! Email us any time at Quantum [at]

2. Industry & Academic Partners

Are you interested in contributing to the program? Send us an email at Quantum [at]




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Womanium is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC. Womanium works with US government agencies such as ARPA-E, DARPA, NIH, NASA, etc. for women’s advancement in STEM+ Entrepreneurship in domains ranging from Energy, Space, Astronomy, and Telescopes, Computational Neuroscience, Industrial Additive Manufacturing Automation, Transportation to Nuclear Weapons Safety.


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